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Suresh Babu is one of the main preachers in all major conventions and crusades in India and around the world.

He is known for his fresh, dynamic, unadulterated and humorous style of preaching. He is one of the usual preachers in the biggest conventions in various regions of the nation. Suresh Babu has ministered in 20 states of India through crusades, seminars, youth camps and different training programs.

To date, Suresh Babu has ministered in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, UK, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Australia, Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia and Middle East Impacting not only believers, but also pastors, missionaries, and church leaders of more than 34 nations.

God is using him mightily through radio and television too. His television programmes reaches millions of homes across the continents on both secular and Christian networks. He has ministered on a South American Television channel which is touching more than 52 nations around the world.