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sureshbabuSuresh Babu is just one of those who have submitted to the will of God at a younger age.  At the age of 17 when he was so frustrated and felt like he has come to the end of his rope and have no strength left, the love and compassion of Jesus touched him. He came into the realization of God’s love for him and his decision to believe Christ for his salvation was decided that day. Obedient to the divine call,he started preaching the Word of God in small gatherings in southern India.

We have a huge passion for taking the  good news of Jesus to people who don’t know about HIM – and that includes people from every tribe, tongue and nation at any cost .

To accomplish this mission we must  . . .(Read More)

With more than two decades of full-time ministry behind him, Suresh Babu has touched millions of hearts, proclaiming the gospel “Salvation for the lost and victory to the church“ throughout India and all over the world.

Obedient to the Divine call, Suresh Babu started a non-denominational ministry with mere eight members, “Christ Centre” in Trivandrum. By the Grace of God, it has now grown by more than a hundredfold. (Read More)

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Salvation for the lost and victory to the Church
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